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We are customer-centric and provide insights and support at all stages of analytics and software development.

Data Science Consulting

Data Visualisation


Big Data Management

Exploratory Data Analysis

Predictive Analytics

Forecasting Solutions


Bespoke Analytics

Prototypes of analytical solutions

Research based data analytics solutions

Scaling analytics software programs or platform

We serve as a partner to help our customers in finding the right match between the available data science technologies and their specific business challenges.

Our Products

Our products help you to derive predictive analytics and create intuitive visualizations with simple steps such as drag and drop or point and select.

You don’t have to be a statistician or a programmer to use our products. However, if you already have a team of data scientists and engineers, they can easily extend our products and integrate into their existing ecosystem. We can also tailor our products to provide you Proof of Concept (POC) so that you can test a small-scale system, proving the viability of adopting advanced analytics products for solving your business problem.

AKRIA – Automated Risk Analysis Software

Did you know that model based risk analysis is the need of the hour! Our flagship product AKRIA helps you get automated and accurate insights about risk levels in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Key Risk Indicators (KRIs). You can adjust your business operations based on the risk appetite you have.

Data Analytics Services

Data defines today’s world and transforms your business reality. Could new data sources including social, sensors, location and video help improve your business? Yes, indeed. We help you combine new and existing data sources to manage and make better decisions about your business. Let’s prepare your data strategy together. Accurate analytic solutions can change an organisation by giving a supported competitive advantage. Every business is interesting and involves deep domain knowledge around its operations. Such complex data analysis processes pose several challenges. So, we provide analytics services in a phased manner to maximize your ROI.

You can choose from the following three packages based on the current status of your analytics journey. These packages let you incrementally explore the usefulness of your data to derive business impacts. In simple terms, this is what we do and this is how it should be when it comes to agile analytics and software development!!!


Phase 1 Package

This a 1-month package where we pre-process your data and check for patterns after performing initial statistical analysis. We provide summary of findings in terms of patterns in your data and what they mean to your business.

If useful these data patterns are of interest to you from a business perspective, you can take it further by defining specific business problems you want to solve with data science.

Phase 2 Package

This is a 2-months package where we apply various complex statistical algorithms to solve specific critical business problems that are of interest to you. We list the data engineering techniques, algorithms used, and results obtained along with other crucial details.

If you are happy with predictive and prescriptive analytical results obtained, we will enable you to productise these findings by developing analytics software in the next phase.

Phase 3 Package

This is a 3-months package where we develop and deploy highly optimized analytics software that solve your business problems. This software will be user friendly with visualization support.

We can deploy and integrate these on your existing cloud or on-premise software infrastructures.

Our Technologies

Our products and services are based on the following technologies. However, we are open to use any other technology our customer prefers for easy integration into their systems.

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