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Dr. Vinod Hegde

Dr. Vinod Hegde

Dr. Vinod Hegde is Principal Data Scientist and Founder at Jyethi Software Limited, based in Dublin, Ireland. He has worked with Johnson and Johnson (Depuy Synthes), Intel Labs, Nokia and the Insight Centre for Data Analytics in roles spanning engineering, research, product development and project management. He has consulted for couple of startups and has expertise in areas such as target market identification, product-market fit, market penetration, team, IP & defensibility etc. Vinod has worked on commercialising research and engaged in IP development. He has published in premier computer science conferences such as ECIR, ACM-IKDD, IEEE Big Data Congress etc. He has deep expertise in statistical analysis, computer science and software engineering and drives innovation at Jyethi Software. Vinod obtained his Bachelor of Engineering in Information Science from R.V.College of Engineering, Bangalore, India, Master of Engineering in Software Systems from BITS-Pilani (Pilani campus, India) and PhD in Computer Science from Insight Centre for Data Analytics, NUI Galway, Ireland.

Dr. Milovan Krnjajic

Dr. Milovan Krnjajic

Dr. Milovan Krnjajic is a well published statistician and data scientist. He is Scientific Adviser at Jyethi Software. He has worked with NASA, Hitachi, Sony, as a consultant and has been AVP of Risk Analytics Group at Merrill Lynch, USA. His research is focused on Bayesian methods for analysis of structured data, in particular on the development of Bayesian nonparametric models for applications in health, engineering and medicine.

Bryan Maybury

Bryan Maybury

Bryan Maybury is Director, Research Services at Jyethi Software. He was the co-founder of Macalla Software, acquired by Roamware Inc in September 2009, to become the Roamware mobile financial services business unit. He has been director of business development with Quay Financial Software, one of Ireland’s leading software companies during the 1990s, and acquired by Japan’s CSK Software. He has been non-executive chairman of Ci3 culminating in its acquisition by global information services and publishing company Wolters Kluwer in 2008.

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